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HR Administration and Operations, Labour Relations, Change Management and Support, Organisation Design and Recruitment – we have it all


R800 P/H

Retainer Package 1

4 hours remote or onsite HR Support per month for only R2,800 P/M

Retainer Package 2

5 hours remote or onsite HR Support per month for only R3,250 P/M

Retainer Package 3

6+ hours remote or onsite HR Support per month for only R600 P/H

HR Operations

This refers to the management of ongoing relationship between employer and employee from hire to retire.  Services may be procured on a retainer or a once-off service basis and may include some or all of the following:

  • Creation and implementation of strategic manpower and recruitment planning;
  • Onboarding and induction programmes;
  • Personnel document and information management;
  • Day to Day handling of internal employee relations including performance, behaviour and grievance issues;
  • Recognition programmes;
  • Strategic Learning and Development planning and implementation
  • Management and employee coaching and support

Labour Relations

  • Warning letters
  • Disciplinary and appeal hearings chairing and preparation (coaching)
  • Grievance facilitation
  • Poor performance management process, procedure and facilitation
  • Union negotiations and drafting of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Drafting of disciplinary code and procedures
  • Legislative alignment BCEA, LRA, EEA
  • CCMA pre-preparation and coaching
  • Restructuring and redundancy process, procedure and facilitation as well as all written communications.
  • General labour law advice

Compensation and Benefits

 Total Reward Development or Compensation and Benefit Management as it is also known as, is the development of a Total Cost of Employment proposal which forms part of an effective Employee Value Proposition. The process may include Job Grading and Analysis, Market Research and Comparison (survey analysis), Salary Structure Development and Implementation as well as Benefit Comparison and Design.

  • Employers have the option of choosing how simple or how involved their Total Cost of Employment structure should be and can be tailor-made to suit different employment statuses within the organisation.

strategic Organization Design


Company structures that are archaic and fail to deliver results regardless of how many resources are thrown at them? Perhaps sometimes the question is not the quantity but the quality. Businesses and business strategies evolve and the structures supporting it should also evolve along with it. It is not uncommon or unhealthy for companies to re-evaluate or even “rightsize” their organisation structures every so often and in fact it should be seen as an important part of the HR strategy.  


Sourcing and Recruitment Services

      • Targeted Head-Hunting 
      • Executive Search
      • Daily Recruitment Services
      • All candidates are thoughroughly background screened and checked to ensure suitability to role

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      Kempton Park, Gauteng

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